Make the perfect snow cone or shave ice using Hartley’s Multi Use Syrup. Our OU kosher certified syrup is specially formulated to cling to the ice for flavor in every bite. When making a snow cone, simply pour 1 ounce of Hartley’s Multi Use Syrup on 6 ounces of crushed or shave ice and a smile is served! All flavors come in easy to use 1 liter bottles. For convenience, we pack 6 bottles per case. Feel free to mix and match!


The name of this icy treat is dependent on how the ice is prepared and typically associated to a region of the United States. The nickname “snoball” references ice that is shaved or scraped off an ice block. Due to the fluffy snow like consistency of the ice, when scooped in a ball shape, the ice resembles a ball of snow. Snow Cone ice is crushed more crunchy ice.

Other names for snow cones or snow balls are Shave Ice in Hawaii, Piragua in Puerto Rico, Granizado in Cuba, and Respados or Respadas in Mexico. Read more about the history of snow cones, snow balls and shave ice.

All Hartley’s Multi Use Syrups for Snow Balls, Slushies, Drink Mixes and more are certified Pareve kosher through the Orthodox Union. Download the brochure from our OU kosher certified information page.